After getting Ivan settled in the inn and bringing Haymich’s body to the burial grounds to be prepped for the ceremony, Iver went to wash in the river. Mental and physical exhaustion weighed down his body and made it impossible to focus on any particular thought. Thankfully, the river was a short walk south from […]


Iver walked in the middle of the procession, fearing that the stink of his clothes would draw unwanted company and wondering whether the horn he heard was only a figment of his imagination. His fingers tightened around the pine branches he was pulling upon which lay Ivan’s father. “Iver,” Ivan whispered timidly. “Yeah?” “What did […]


“We are not going to have that conversation today, are we?” Iver whispered to Nadia. “We better,” she replied. “I need something good to look forward to.” He smiled and kissed her on the shoulder. The going was slow and this time not because of Daisy. When Haymich wasn’t stopping to projectile vomit all over […]


“Papa!” exclaimed the youngest of Haymich’s sons. “Ivan!” waved Nadia. They were almost to the farm when the panicked youth spotted them from the barn. Without wasting a single moment, he rushed over, worry in his eyes. Ivan was a muscular young man with blonde hair, blue eyes and innocence of a toddler. “Thank you […]


“So,” Iver said, intently studying his wife’s alluring curvature. She glided over the narrow forest path; reins of the village horse named Daisy in hand. While her slender but muscular physique drew in his attention, the seductive saunter kept it. “What are we going to do?” “Get your eyes off my ass for long enough […]

Tales from Val’Sharah

What is this? Tales from Val’Sharah is basically another project I have spinning around in my head that I can’t let go. Yes, I am still very much engaged with Misery of the Halfling and spend at least two hours a day working on it. Because I have been doing nothing but editing my first […]


After great strain and effort, I have managed to write the synopsis for my upcoming book.  I am terrible at summarizing anything in more than three words. My summaries of things usually fall under three replies.  First: “wow that sucked,” second: “meh” and third “SO AWESOME!” Having to summarize my own work without giving away […]

What’s up?

What’s going on now? Good question, totally worthy of a blog post. I am sitting in front of my computer screen while drawing a blank. Let me tell you, this blank is the most beautiful blank I have ever seen! Seriously though, I want to write a dedication page for my first book. I want to dedicate my […]

Changes are Coming

And so, life happened.  Last post and update that I had officially made to my photography portfolio has been in October of 2015.  “Serge, what the gosh darn heck?” you may be asking.  Your answer lies in the first sentence of this post.  But I owe my followers an answer.  So, I will tell you […]