Mistakes (TfV B1 C1 P1)

“Hi buddy! How are ya? Mmm… I know. Ropes too tight? Whoa! Calm down. Yeah, sorry. I can’t take that off. I do that and I’ll be sitting right next to you wearing those same chains. I’m sorry. Hey, while you’re just sitting there, I’ll tell you a story, yeah? See, I was a farmer just like you, you know. I lived with my little girl and then he comes rolling in. Says he needs food and shelter. See, I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. He looks innocent enough so I did same exact thing as you. I said ‘we got none.’ HAH! Boy, what a mistake. Next thing I know, my girl’s got a knife at her throat. Well, I sure had some food for him then, didn’t I? But, what I didn’t do is make all this ruckus you did here.”

“Sol! Leave him alone. He suffered enough, no need to torture the poor man with your nonsense.”

“Not torturing! Educating. Am I torturing you? See! He says no.”

“I guess compared to what we did here, your stories are the least of his worries.

“Ugh! Don’t listen to Rahban. He’s not like us. Look, between you and me, I’m not much fond of the company I keep. But you know what? If there is one thing that i am is smart. Left my girl with my mom and joined these guys quick. I cook for them, they keep me safe. Now, your position is tough. You already lost everything. Really sad. Seeing what happened to you makes me want to weep. Watching your entire family burn alive is… terrible. You will never recover from this. Unfortunately for you, Marcus knows this. He will come for you soon. He is just giving you time to truly understand what you did to yourself.”