Doubt (TfV B1 C1 P3)

“Rhol? Is that you?” Sol said, wide smile spreading across his lips. “Where’s Marcus?”

“Gods be damned, Sol!” Rhol left cover of the trees to come into the light of Sol’s little camp fire. “We got separated in the escape. Tried to find him, but… Anyway, why did that little shit call the retreat?! We kill all those people and then just leave the loot behind?!”

“Because, my good friend, he’s our leader and calling things is his prerogative.” Sol explained. He rotated a plump rabbit he had been cooking and glanced up. “Does it bother you?”

“I just don’t get it.”

“Well, our job is not to question the wisdom of our fearless leader. He pays us well enough to say ‘yes sir!’ to almost anything.”

“Bah! Grown men playing out twisted fantasies of a rich fourteen-year-old sadist. That kid has something wrong with him. I’ve seen it.”

“I think we all have. But you, his loyal personal guard, shouldn’t really have such thoughts. It’s dangerous.”

“Hah! He doesn’t pay well enough for me to stop thinking. The kid’s a monster. I’ve seen some pretty heinous shit in my day, but what we’ve done in that village today…”

“Was the choice of the villagers.”

“Poor slobs,” Rhol sighed and sat heavily across from Sol. “What atrocities you think he’ll make us commit next? Seems like everything’s on the menu. I swear, Sol, we should kill him and do the world a favor!”

“Do you know why I follow this kid? It’s because he will succeed. Do you know why?”


“Because he is not limited by socially accepted virtues.”

Rhol eyed Sol for a moment and laughed. “I heard this shit before. When I fought in the Katalia’s rebellion. They spouted the same nonsense. Want to know the trouble with that mentality?”

“Enlighten me.”

“You make more enemies than you can kill. And, if by some miracle you do kill everyone, like the rulers of Katalia did, you got no one to rule over. Make no mistake, Sol. If this kid succeeds, it’ll be a sorry day.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“You mean, will I kill him?” Rhol mulled over the idea in his head. “Nah. But I won’t stick around.”

“Leaving the company?”

“Yeah. Gonna go to the coast, find me a wife with childbearing hips,” he laughed.

“You’ll be missed.”

“What about you? You could come with me. I…”

“No. Thank you, but no. Rabbit?”