Misery of a Halfling finally published.

Misery of a Halfling

Dear family and friends!

Misery of a Halfling started out as a blog a little over seven years ago. Somewhere along the way the blog reached over one thousand and six hundred posts depicting artwork, poetry and story. It has been an insane journey, which I am happy to have concluded by pushing the Save and Publish button on the Amazon KDP.

To be honest, this book writing idea has started when I was only five or six years old. I told my grandfather that I wanted to write a book. “To write a book, you must first read a book,” he told me. I vehemently disagreed.

Time passed and all my attempts at writing the next War and Peace have gone into the trash. While I begrudgingly had to give my grandfather credit for his wise words, it still took some time before I took up reading as a hobby. Afterall, I had toys video games, movies, television shows and friends to distract me from this activity. The first book that truly captured me was King Arthur by Howard Pyle. Glad to say that I did not stop there.

“It’s not always you get to realize your childhood dream,” my cousin told me when she found out that I have published this book. I didn’t realize this was my childhood dream until she said anything. It is with great pride, joy and sadness that I can say that on the day my grandfather would have turned one hundred and one years old, I did the one thing I told him I wanted to do.

Thank you for reading.