The more time I spend on the internet the more frustration I find towards these horrible things called selfies. Let’s start from the beginning. What is a selfie? A selfie, is a picture someone takes of themselves and posts it onto a social media site. It is, in my opinion, a way for pretty people to get other people’s opinion on how pretty they are. So if the selfie craze started of someone taking just a quick picture of them at a certain location, then now we are at a point where people just stand in their bathroom and take a picture of their abs or rear ends.

Ladies, you know how there is this big problem going on with women being treated as objects, not given equal rights, and pretty much used only as an eye candy and stuff? Yeah, these selfies of you in a G-string are really not helping. And yet, the funny thing is that if any of these women would catch a guy doing a bit of window shopping, they would be offended. Why? WHY? You are the equivalent of, showing all your goods for the world to see, so why get offended when someone does it in front of you?

But hey, I’m not the one to preach. I genuinely would like to understand what is to be gained by these photos. Are modelling agency scouts out on the hunt in Instagram for the hot human population? Is this how Hollywood is recruiting? If it is, that would certainly explain the ever-growing decline in acting abilities. “Hi my name is Doesn’tmatter, I never acted before, but it is my dream to be on the silver screen. Just look at my butt! It belongs there!” I mean if this is the mentality, then I’m actually afraid for humans as a species.

In conclusion of this glorious rant, all I would like to say is that I am not a hater. I think that selfies, just like everything else, can be smart, witty, and inspirational just as much as dumb, demeaning and plain stupid. It just makes me sad to see so many talented women fighting to be noticed for their intelligence rather than their T&A.

As always thanks for reading.