What’s up?

What’s going on now? Good question, totally worthy of a blog post. I am sitting in front of my computer screen while drawing a blank. Let me tell you, this blank is the most beautiful blank I have ever seen!

Seriously though, I want to write a dedication page for my first book. I want to dedicate my work to my son, my wife, my parents, friends, co-workers and people I barely know. I would like to go as far as to dedicate my book to some fictional characters that have influenced my writing.

Sure, you may say that if I fancy myself a writer I should just write this stuff and it should be awesome. Or you may suggest to just write from the heart. Well! You know what?! My heart is not a very good word smith and my brain lacks the certain el passion. Right now, it seems, they are mad at each other and refuse to cooperate.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the cover to arrive while trying to rework my site from a strictly photography business page to something that better reflects what I’m currently doing. I would like to keep my photography work somewhere though. As I have said in my previous post, I don’t want to give up on it and I feel if I take down my portfolio in its entirety, I admit defeat.

Well, now that the events of my recent past have been thoroughly summarized, I’m getting back to my pondering.