I am currently available for very limited Trade For Print.  Please contact me with your portfolio, concept and availability to discuss possible collaboration.


All rates bellow do not include transportation, props, physical prints or studio space.  I would be happy to shoot in a studio and would love to price one out that would meet your needs.  What you will get for the prices is my complete dedication to the project.  You will receive all the images that I consider to be the best ones of the set and any that you would like edited.  All images are shot in RAW format.  You will receive all images in 300dpi high resolution JPEG format on a DVD as well as via virtual transfer.  For weddings, please contact me for a quote.

Up to 2 hours – $600

5 Hours – $1450

9 Hours – $2800

*All fees are based on the amount of time booked.  Each extra hour is $400.  (i.e. If you book me for 2 hours and we go 5 hours, your fee will be $1800 and not $1450).  Half of the booking fee is required to be paid prior to the event, the rest at the beginning of the event.