The story of Remora and the Shark.

A single thought terrorized me with sleepless nights, poor appetite and cold sweat upon my troubled brow.  The idea that photographers are not true artists, but rather remoras or sucker fish who just latch on to the greater being and rely upon it for sustenance and are never capable of actual creation.  Don’t get me […]

Of snowflakes and snowstorms.

I think that browsing through as many photographs on daily basis as I do, has made me extremely impatient and prejudiced towards certain subjects and styles in photography.  At this point, I do not think I will ever take a picture of another dandelion for as long as I live.  I am very hostile towards […]

A letter to Instagram.

Dear Instagram, I love you.  You fulfill my narcissistic fantasies and give people like me a chance to be famous for ten seconds.  You have made photography accessible to everyone and not just the people with knowledge of Photoshop and in possession of really nice cameras.  It is so simple now to just walk and […]

A very special thanks.

I find it interesting that almost at every photo shoot that I do, I get the same question:  “How does your wife react to you doing this?”  At first I found the question a bit odd.  What is it that I am doing that should incur the wrath of my wife?  I didn’t understand and […]

B&W or Color?

Breaking away from black and white was probably one of my first and biggest challenges.  I can take a picture of the garbage on my desk and as long as the exposure and contrast were right, it looked like a cool photograph.  In fact, I actually did that and it looked pretty cool.  Black and […]

Which camera should I get? Part 1

“So which camera should I get?” the usual question asked by newer photographers who are trying to improve the level of their work by improving their tools.  People who have been taking pictures for a while always know exactly when they need to upgrade and to what.  Does the camera make the photograph or is […]

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop?

I have recently caught myself shooting pictures not because they would come out amazing but because I would edit them later and add all the things that the photograph is missing.  I am still trying to figure out if this is good or bad.  Photography is about capturing that perfect image.  Art is about creating […]