To Photoshop or not to Photoshop?

I have recently caught myself shooting pictures not because they would come out amazing but because I would edit them later and add all the things that the photograph is missing.  I am still trying to figure out if this is good or bad.  Photography is about capturing that perfect image.  Art is about creating a perfect image by whatever means you choose.  So if I take pictures knowing that they are not good photos until I throw in a bucket of Photoshop on them, would they still be considered good photos as an end result?

I browse through many portfolios and artworks on daily basis and granted there are many different styles and techniques, but there are just so many pictures out there that if we looked at them without any Photoshop we would discard them immediately and never look back.  So does that cheapen the art of Photography or enhance it?

Why is there such a demand in today’s world for Photoshop and for overhauling each and every photograph until the subject is drowning in manufactured pixels?  Isn’t human imperfection what makes us unique and beautiful?  Sometimes I would look at two different models edited so heavily that they look exactly the same down to the shape of their eyes.   Now I am at fault for doing this myself.  When looking at the photograph I want to remove every smudge and blemish that makes the picture less than fantastic.  Now if I come out with a good image in the end, what does that say about my photography?  Is the result the most important thing?


Please let me know what you think.


Click like you’re paying for it.

Whenever I took a photography class, the teacher would always offer a 35mm film camera for me to learn on.  The difference between holding a film camera and a digital one is quite astonishing.  When I have thirty clicks in hand it automatically challenges me to make each and every shot count.  I would spend five minutes lining up a shot, checking the settings, making sure that everything is perfect before I finally push that button.  And afterwards, there is no live preview.  I just have to believe that the shot I just took came out the way I intended it and move on to a different subject.

When I first bought my digital camera, I would take ten pictures, each time re-adjusting my settings making sure that everything is fine.  I knew that I could always delete a picture or take as many more as my memory card would allow.  I wound up taking countless shots of the same pose, or of the same landscape hoping that one of them will come out.

It is that feeling of freedom that I think was detrimental to my photography.  I have the greatest admiration for any photographer who would take one shot with his camera and walk away knowing that the photograph that he took is perfect.  It is that point that I am trying to get back to right now.  To take one shot, maybe two, three if absolutely necessary but to try my best to ensure that the shots I take would not go directly into the trash after I upload them.It is so damn hard to rip off that safety blanket that the digital cameras offer but here goes nothing.


Please post up your experiences with film vs digital.