A letter to Instagram.

Dear Instagram,

I love you.  You fulfill my narcissistic fantasies and give people like me a chance to be famous for ten seconds.  You have made photography accessible to everyone and not just the people with knowledge of Photoshop and in possession of really nice cameras.  It is so simple now to just walk and snap photos as you go.  Sure, an occasional accident and misstep may occur but it’s not your fault.

Thanks to you, Instagram, I can now see every single possible angle of the Eifel Tower and the Empire State Building.  I can now meet every would-be model or comedian.  You have opened a floodgate where every person in the world with a camera phone or a tablet can upload their work to the World Wide Web and get random people to see and comment on it.  Prior to you, one would need a website and a whole lot of advertising to achieve this, but not with you.

Oh Instagram, you are my love and my vice.  My hands feel empty without my phone; my nerves tense up if I don’t refresh the feed for over an hour; I get moody if one of my pictures doesn’t get a sufficient amount of hearts; and I must stop at every puddle I see to attempt to capture the reflection in all its glory.  How else, if not for us Instagrammers, would puddles, dandelions, trees, taxi cabs, rain drops, pebbles and skyscrapers get their time in the spotlight?

We need you Instagram!  You give people jobs!  Thanks to you, some people can now own companies selling Followers to people who feel cheated and unpopular, regardless of the quality of their content.   Others tend to post pictures of their products instead of paying for ads in newspapers or magazines.  So not only do you give people jobs, you also save businesses money.  Thank you Instagram!  You are awesome!


Your follower: @SergeSanin